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A Team With Heart

Determined to set an unbeatable standard in care

Spring Creek has assembled a team of dedicated professionals who pursue our vision with passion and purpose and who give meaning and substance to the heart of our brand…our “five Cs”.¬†From a construction team¬†ready to walk-a-mile in high heels to raise awareness for domestic violence, to our annual participation in Canmore’s Christmas Spirit food drive, our staff are determined to set an unbeatable standard.

Together, the Spring Creek team sustains our unwavering emphasis on care, which comes through in:

  • Our carefully crafted vision and master plan
  • Our sales process, which anticipates and takes care of customers’ needs from beginning to end
  • Our ownership experience
  • Our relationships with the town and commitments to supporting its people, businesses and future
  • The sense of belonging that thrives among our team
  • Our environmental stewardship and the lengths we go to ensure the Spring Creek legacy is one everyone can be proud of
  • The exceptional quality of our products and the thoughtful craftsmanship we put into building them
  • Our inclusive, fun-loving approach to everything we do

If something matters to a Spring Creek owner, it matters to Spring Creek

If you are ready to commit to our standards we invite you to join our team. Contact Human Resources with your resume.

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