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ROAD CLOSURE NOTICE – April 2 – Spring Creek Drive

THE TOWN OF Canmore has approved the extension of Spring Creek Drive to the Traffic Circle on Bow Valley Trail. Part of Spring Creek’s long term master plan, underground infrastructure such as sewer and water will be updated, roadways will be aligned and brought to grade, and landscaping and streetscaping will be brought to Spring Creek’s standards from Main St. to the Bow Valley Trail roundabout.

As of Monday, April 2 – Spring Creek Drive from Bow Valley Trail and Spring Creek Gate will be closed for 5 weeks. 

During this phase of the project, vehicles will only be able to access Spring Creek Drive via Main Street (8th St). Pedestrians and cyclists can access Spring Creek via the pedestrian bridge over Policeman’s Creek at the Opera House.

Why is the road being closed?

  • Spring Creek is excited to be moving into the 2nd phase of the overall development and the completion of Spring Creek Drive on the south side of the property as part of the 2nd phase
  • The road closure must take place now as the utilities companies need to put in the deep services including water, sewer, gas & utilities (power, Telus & Shaw) prior to the water table rising up
  • The deep utilities will tie into the 2nd phase of the overall development and will provide services to the next two condo buildings including White Spruce Lodge and The Engelmann
  • This is also our main gateway into the Spring Creek neighbourhood and the road will now match the Main Street entrance into the community

How long is Spring Creek Drive accessed from the Bow Valley Trail roundabout / bridge going to be closed for?

  • The road is going to be closed for up to 5 weeks
  • There are currently 3 Phases to the completion of the Spring Creek Drive from Spring Creek Gate – the hard road closure is part of Phase 1, closing the Spring Creek Gate bridge
  • The deepest installation of the services (water, sewage and storm) is directly from the bridge going towards White Spruce Lodge = the reason starting so early in the year (March) as the water table is relatively low at this time of year

How do I access the RV Park, Spring Creek Administration, mailboxes, and mobile homes in the south section of Spring Creek?

  • The mailboxes and the RV/Admin office will still be accessible via a temporary road on the South side of the property – please follow the road signage
  • In consortium with Canada Post, the mailboxes will be moving on April 3rd from its current location to the green laundry building (middle of camp sites).
  • The proposed location will be dry and safe for mailbox access.

What About the Construction Traffic?

  • Throughout construction, traffic control measures will be in place to manage traffic flow in the area. Access may be occasionally redirected with temporary roads.
  • Residents adjacent to the construction area may experience short periods when crews will need to limit access.  We will work closely with those affected and provide as much advance notice as possible.
  • Traffic impacts will be minimized as much as possible, however, please plan for some delays and travel carefully through the work zones.

Why is the Sales Centre on top of a large pile of dirt?

  • The Sales Centre was moved to a new location because utility companies need to access the site that is adjacent to the Mineshaft Tavern
  • The new location of the Sales Centre is on a prepared pad because this is actually the official grade of the new Spring Creek Drive road which is 5-6ft (1.5 m) higher than the original mobile home & RV park road
  • The proposed road foundation grade will eventually meet the Sales Centre pad as construction moves from the bridge towards and in front of White Spruce Lodge
  • Currently, the Sales Centre has been decommissioned and a temporary Sales Office has been set up at #713, 707 Spring Creek Drive (Creekstone Mountain Lodge)

How can I connect with the Spring Creek Sales team?

  • Ross Jansen and Ann Ricord are located at the Temporary Sales Office (Design Studio) at Creekstone Mountain Lodge – #713, 707 Spring Creek Drive – Phone number is same – 403.678.6066  1-855-678-6066

How long will it take to complete Spring Creek Drive from Spring Creek Gate?

  • The full completion will take approximately 3 months to complete the new Spring Creek Drive from Bow Valley Trail and Spring Creek Gate
  • The new road improvements will include sidewalks, landscaped areas and light standards lining the new boulevard

Street Name Change:

  • Spring Creek Drive will now be continuous from Main Street right up to the roundabout on Bow Valley Trail / Route 1A.
  • Spring Creek Gate will form the new road to be built heading West on the property – future development

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