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The Development Story


Building on a family heritage, the Spring Creek land has been in developer Frank Kernick’s family since 1927. His grandparents operated a modest dairy farm until the 1950s, when it became a camp for the workers constructing the Trans-Canada Highway. It then evolved into Restwell – a mobile home park and campground.

With its unmatched location bordered by two spring-fed creeks at the heart of downtown Canmore, it was only natural for the site to evolve into the town’s premier residential neighbourhood.

The master plan for Spring Creek’s 70 acres includes a mix of homes for every age and every stage of life, all melding high standards of craftsmanship and environmental sustainability with architectural character right at home in this magical mountain town. Along streetscapes infused with European flair, Spring Creek’s spaces are being sculpted with pedestrians in mind: flat, highly walkable pathways, plenty of places to gather and visit; and around every corner, an uplifting viewscape whose power to delight never wanes.

Among the many things that set Spring Creek apart is a clear commitment to cultivating a sense of community and belonging. This commitment has taken shape in an active and inclusive property owners association – in earnest efforts to protect the land’s natural beauty, which always brings out the best in people – in an array of parks, pathways and other places for Spring Creek owners and members of the broader community to gather and connect and more deeply enjoy the vibrancy of our town and its Rocky Mountain setting.


For three generations, developer Frank Kernick’s family has called Canmore and the Spring Creek lands home. The neighbourhood of Spring Creek embodies their commitment to this place and the values that have shaped it over the years.

Frank’s care for his family’s land is unmistakable. With a heartfelt commitment to raising the bar on responsible development, Spring Creek embraces high standards of sustainability at every stage of design, planning and construction. From protecting its creeks and natural habitats to embracing geothermal heating and LEED certification to applying proven principles of urban master planning, Spring Creek is evolving as a testament to stewardship and forward-thinking.

Frank cares deeply about the people, businesses, natural splendour and exciting future of Canmore; and his genuine, unaffected affinity for the town’s residents finds expression in Spring Creek’s extensive involvement in local events and philanthropic efforts.

This commitment to care is nowhere more evident than in his provision of perpetual affordable housing for the people already living here. Residents of the mobile home park that currently occupies part of the community have been given the option to buy into Spring Creek as part of Canmore’s Perpetual Affordable Housing Options.

Before he unveiled his vision for Spring Creek in 2004, Frank Kernick developed some of the most successful neighbourhoods in Canmore and in Invermere, BC. Intelligently designed with a commite to quality of execution, these thriving neighbourhoods boast an authentic and distinctive sense of place. Over 25 years they include Canyon Close, Grotto Mountain Village and Eagle Terrace in Canmore and, in Invermere, Lakeview Meadows.

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