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Looking for a Neighbourhood Full of Life?

Spring Creek Is The Real Deal

Here at the heart of downtown Canmore, the Spring Creek vision is coming to life. And life, in return, has come dramatically to Spring Creek. All year round, Canmore’s premier master-planned neighbourhood pulses with energy and activity, with a rhythm of mountain living that’s engaging, exciting and endlessly fun!

Inspired by the beauty of the land that’s been in Spring Creek President’s family since 1927, Frank Kernick started building his vision in 2004.

But we didn’t just build streets and houses and a sales centre. We built things that would draw people to the neighbourhood and, once they were here, draw them together.

We built pathways and bridges and creekside boardwalks. We built courtyards and patios and other welcoming gathering places. We built retail shops and a neighbourhood pub. We built an Opera House to serve as the community centre. We built an active and robust Property Owners Association.

And through building all that, we built a powerful sense of community and belonging in Spring Creek.

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Over the dozen or so years since construction was started, the heartbeat of this neighbourhood has grown progressively stronger. Now, the neighbourhood thrives on a steady current of human energy and activity and fun.

You can feel it as soon as you arrive, and it’s one of the things that inspires people to stay and call Spring Creek their home.

You are invited to visit – to see what we’ve built and to experience the vitality and vibrancy of this very special neighbourhood at the heart of downtown Canmore.

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